Master of Arts Program

“German Culture in the European Context”



The M.A. Program “German Culture in the European Context” at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi is an interdisciplinary study program in German culture, history, politics and thought that aims to expose students not only to in-depth aspects of the German language, but also to German culture, literature and history within a transcultural European context. The studies leading to the acquisition of a “Master of Arts in German Culture in the European Context” consist of the accomplishment of 120 ECTS credits, including the final thesis work and its defense.



The aim of the M.A. Program “German Culture in the European Context” at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi is to provide postgraduate students with an understanding of the broader scope of the German-speaking culture in Europe, special emphasis being given to Central and Eastern Europe and to the historical interactions and reciprocal influences within the region, developing their openness to scientific innovation and acquaint them with specific scientific domains within Cultural Studies in general and German Studies in particular. Thus, students are encouraged to develop their competencies in research practices and / or in specialised professional activities related with teaching. “German Culture in the European Context” places a premium on excellence in reading and writing. Over the course of the term students are expected to demonstrate progress in critical analysis and expression.



Courses are offered in a wide array of fields:

  •  Central-European Literature in German language
  • German Literature from a Comparative Perspective (authors, genres, currents)
  • German Schools of Philosophy and Hermeneutics
  • Germany after 1945: the Constitutional and Political System
  • The Mass Media: Newspapers, Radio, and Television in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
  • German assertions in the Romanian Culture
  • Language, Religion, and Culture in the Roman-German Middle Ages
  • Literature and Culture. Esthetics and Poetics
  • Language and Culture. Semantics and Pragmatics
  • Literature and Other Arts
  • Literary Translations: Art and Technique
  • Translations Terminology
  • Methodology of Cultural Studies.



Official Study Plans



The Masters Degree in German Studies qualifies the holder to exercise professional activities in the following fields:

  • Teaching of German language and literature in primary and secondary education;
  • Teaching in higher education;
  • Translation;
  • Publishing;
  • Academic research.



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