The program was set up in 1999. It is interdisciplinary, with courses offered by professors from the Department of English as well as from other faculties such as: the Faculty of Political Sciences, the Faculty of Philosophy and the Department of Journalism.


During this program, students will:

  • Acquire skills in critical and creative thinking and operate with fundamental concepts in various disciplines such as literature, linguistics, history, cultural anthropology, religion, philosophy, economics, arts, sociology and psychology.
  • Be introduced to interdisciplinary research strategies through flexible and modern approaches.
  • Develop communication and social interaction skills in view of tolerance and mutual respect, tolerance and openness to diversity and new ideas.
  • Participate in similar parallel programs in Romania and abroad.
  • Be familiarized with the “old” and the “new” paradigms, as well as understand social processes (historical evolution, political institutions), semiotic systems (class, race, ethnicity, gender, nation / nationality, language), processes of identity formation (mentalities, norms, values, social roles) and their interaction.
  • Operate with critical and theoretical instruments as well as with a corpus of materials that will allow them to explore, interpret and relate the American experience to the world cultural, social, political and historical context.
  • Understand the process of cultural and linguistic hibridization through literary and linguistic analyses.
  • Have a better understanding of the cultural diversity of America through such concepts as class, ethnicity, gender and race and through the analysis of major theories on these notions: “melting pot”, “salad bowl”, “mosaic”, multiculturalism and interculturalism.


The MA program offers the following courses, 6 credits each.

  1. American studies: “Old” and “New” Paradigms
  • American Typologies
  • American studies: “Old” and “New” Paradigms
  1. Multicultural Perspectives
  • Ethnicity: Asian-Americans and Afro-Americans
  • Multicultural Perspectives. Minority Voices: The Latino/a and the Jewish-American Cultures
  1. Critical Thinking – Literary Thinking
  • American Poetics
  • Critical Thinking / Creative Thinking
  • Modern and Postmodern Aesthetics
  • Under the Sign of Diversity: American Prose Writers at the End of the Millennium.
  1. American Linguistics
  • American Dialects
  • Introduction to the Philosophy of Language
  • The Language of American Advertisements
  1. Cultural Contact Areas
  • America from a Canadian Perspective
  • Contemporary Frontiers, Continuums and American Extremes. A Canadian Perspective.
  1. Philosophical and Political Thinking
  • American Transcendentalism
  • American Philosophy
  • Political Issues of the Contemporary World
  1. Arts
  • “New” American Theatre: characteristics, forms, impact
  • Genres in American Cinema
  1. Regionalism
  • Regionalism / The American South
  • The American West
  1. American Mass Media