PN-II-CT-ERC-2012-1-5ERC (Activitati 2013-4eng)

Writing of an introductory study, the articles and the conclusions of the research:


The introductory study includes a characterisation of the age when these translations are carried out, more precisely the continuation of humanistic tendencies and the development and borrowing the Enlightenment ideas, that had as their purpose the education of the population in a rational spirit , the diffusion of science and culture, the establishment of relations between various cultures, the evolution towards modernisation of the society in general and of the languages in particular.

The concrete content of the presentation of each text regards the philology part: foreign author (eventually foreign intermediary), the relation between texts. It is followed by the linguistic characterisation of each objective, its importance for the evolution of the Romanian literary language, for the formation of Romanian scientific terminology, for the development of the Romanian culture.

The conclusions have in view a more general approach through the comparison with other European cultures, the influences of the age, the way in which foreign origin words were adapted into Romanian, the place of the texts under investigation in the context of the Romanian culture in the second half of the 18th century.