PN-II-CT-ERC-2012-1-5ERC (Activitati 2013-2eng)

Documentation and excerption of information:


The almost 3000 excerpts obtained during the previous stage were selected and grouped according to themes, linguistic phenomena etc.

The necessary works including in the bibliography were copied or scanned, and later excerpted, resulting in: 1. philology, cultural history 452 excerpts; 2. linguistics 2.470 excerpts.

The transcription of the Erotocrit text was checked during a the study period in the Romanian Academy Library in Bucharest by direct confrontation with  ms. 3514 BAR in order to edit it in the volume Erotocritul lui Cornaros în literatura română. I. Versiunea lui Alecu Văcărescu, foreseen by the project.

A part the 15 images of miniatures acquired last year from the Academy Library, we obtained from the Institute of Linguistics “Sextil Puşcariu” of Cluj 48 miniated images (color water colours) and the approval to freely reproduce them in the book. The images of great beauty of colour and line, will be included in the volume making it a attractive for non-philologists as well.