PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0722 (Activitati 2012 – 1eng)

Organisational Framework

a)      Identification of general and specific literature (philology); identification of location and acquisition (by scanning, photocopying etc.)

General and specific bibliography for philology issues has been identified in Iasi and Bucharest libraries and the elements relevant to the project team have been scanned/photographed (e.g. Catalogul manuscriselor românești) or photocopied (philology articles) so as to be always at hand.

European libraries online catalogues have also been consulted in order to identify the immediate and long-term documentation necessities.

b)      Building of the documentation database

The first step in building the database was the introduction of general bibliography titles in an Excel table to have a picture as complete as possible of the required fields. Later this table was inserted into Access specific database program, where it was split into linked sub-tables and queries were created. Data entry forms have been also designed​​.