CONTRACT: nr. 212 from 05/10/2011

PROJECT TITLE: The First Romanian Translation of the Septuagint, Nicolae Milescu’s Work (Ms. 45 B.A.R. Cluj). A Critical Edition with Linguistic and Philological Studies


In a more general sense, it is well worth mentioning that an important, yet unfortunately still underexplored dimension of the Romanian culture and language resides in our “biblical tradition”, by which we understand the complex socio-cultural formations/ products related to the translating, interpreting and circulation of the Holy Scripture in Romania, alongside its pervasive effects upon the language, literature, mentality and even institutional and affective-ideological attributes of our national culture. Indeed, it is already an established fact that biblical traditions throughout Europe have helped define/ configure national “identities”. In this sense, the (early) Romanian culture presents itself as a major European body of symbols and meanings, within which the dynamic reception of the Bible can be seen as a hugely complex cultural phenomenon, one that was deeply specific, and one that offers ample opportunities for contemporary research. In fact, there exist numerous projects and research centres throughout the world, where the editing of various Bible versions has always been a priority (Biblias Hispanicas, Bible d’Alexandrie etc.). Finally, one cannot stress enough that the “Bible” is one of the few cultural artefacts that is universally acknowledged as having essentially contributed to the creation of the human cultural heritage/ identity as a whole.

In accordance with one of the central directives of the European Union in the cultural field – the study and the enhancement of local, regional and national cultural heritage – our project aim is to be included with the traditional effort of the Romanian philology of recovering the ancient texts, presenting critical editions and making them accessible by putting them in circulation. Therefore, in an interdisciplinary context and by the contribution of the new and modern methods of informatics, we intend to publish a scientific edition of a text produced in the 17th century, of major importance for the Romanian culture: the full version of the Old Testament translated form Greek by the famous scholar Nicolae Milescu Spatarul. This version has been used to the achievement of the Bucharest Bible (1688), after being subjected to at least two successive revisions. The text is a manuscript written in Cyrillic (914 pages) and it is hosted under the number 45, by the Romanian Academy Library of Cluj-Napoca. The text has throughout history sparked a number of philological controversies, both in what the translation’s origin is concerned, as well as in what the various connections between its “source” text (probably the 1597 Frankfurt Septuagint) and other contemporary “circulating” documents (the London 1653 Septuagint, the Bucharest Bible etc.) are concerned.


prof. dr. Eugen Munteanu, Director

dr. Lucia-Gabriela Munteanu, Postdoctoral Researcher

dr. Mădălina-Andreea Ungureanu, Postdoctoral Researcher

dr. Ana-Maria Gînsac, Postdoctoral Researcher

dr. Ana-Maria Minuț, Postdoctoral Researcher


The final product will be represented by the full text of the Manuscript 45 (Romanian Academy Library of Cluj-Napoca) transcribed in a phonetic interpretative key, accompanied by philological and linguistic studies, with a critical apparatus. What we specifically propose is to complete the philological processing of this manuscript text (using computational methods specially created) and put it in the scientific and cultural channel of circulation (in both print and electronic formats).


1. The final (revised) form of the text.

2. The index containing all words and forms in the text (the electronic version).

3. The linguistic and philological study.

4. Two volumes containing the text of the manuscript and the critical edition + DVD (the electronic version), as well as contributions to internationally renowned publications (ISI and BDI indexed).


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