Summer Courses " Romania - Language and Civilisation"
3 - 25 July, 2019

"Sincere insiders. That's what we think we are, within the frame of the summer courses entitled “ Romania - Language and Civilization” . We will not claim that our mother tongue and our kind of civilization are the most interesting in the world; but we love them both, and we would like them to become known abroad, as they actually are. What we offer is not just “intensive Romanian”. Foreign guests may want to learn meanings of sentences like “Românilor le place muzica si vinul “ (“Romanians like music and wine”), or they may also be interested in our poets, our churches, and our political life. We are ready to give competent answers to all questions about ourselves. Come and see! " Prof. dr. hab. Adrian Poruciuc

Prof. Dr. Simona Modreanu
Director of Summer Courses


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